Artist Statement

There is a moment of wonder that materializes when my hands are muddy and my mind is clear. Sculpting is my refuge from daily distraction, allowing me to conjure the themes living within my soul that beseech to be portrayed.

As a figurative sculptor, my focus is on the form, character and emotion that universally unite us. My creations arise on their own, flowing from my fingers through the clay until the story is complete. I am influenced by my internal voice, as well as the people in my life and society at large. As the artist, it’s my mission to continually balance these perspectives, which guide the piece.

Each clay sculpture is hand-built using a unique mixture of red clay, slips, powders, oxides and glazes to achieve the desired finish. The piece in progress is kiln fired multiple times throughout the process until the figure starts to speaks to me.

When adding a concrete portion to the sculpture, it is a process of using portland cement, sand and a polymer over wire, fiberglass tape and often styrofoam to achieve the desired form. It is then finished with an acid wash and inks to pull it all together until the piece then speaks for itself.

It is always my hope that the raw emotion with which my works are created will deeply resonate with the viewer, either in passing or as a permanent part of their collection.

Charlotte Tate